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Fair Hertz rentals for Uber. Can other household members also use vehicle?

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 Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

Hi.  So, I plan to rent and drive Monday-Friday.  At $200+/week, I hate to not make good use of the rental on the weekends.  Will my spouse also be able to drive the rental?  If not under normal circumstances, is there a way to add her to the Fair or Hertz plan?


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    1279 Rider Driver
     4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

    Great question, Fair may allow your spouse to drive the car if you add her on the insurance policy. Ask their CSR before she drives. She obviously won't be allowed to drive for Uber. But as an Uber driver, you have unlimited miles, driving for Uber or personal use. Mind you with Fair you can only drive for Uber, with a Hertz rental, you can only drive for Lyft and their mileage rates are much lower than if you owned your car. Fair is definitely the better deal especially if you will do 90-120 rides a week.

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    185 Driver
     4 months ago

    Interesting question, sorry I don't know the answer but I would think it would be detailed in their insurance policy?