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Getting from the Buffalo airport to Niagara Falls, ON

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 Posted 6 months ago

What is the best & most cost effective way to get from the Buffalo airport to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls? From what I've seen, there isn't a guarantee that an uber driver will go through customs & take us into Canada. I have also seen the option of taking an uber to the rainbow bridge & walking across into Canada, then having a Canadian uber take us to our Airbnb. The cost is around $40 to get from the airport to the Border and then another $12 or so to get to where we're staying. The other option was to reserve a taxi from Buffalo for about $75. 

Are there any other options? I'm trying to find the most cost effective and also the most hassle-free way to get me, my husband & our luggage from Buffalo to our Airbnb. Thanks! 


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     6 months ago

    Probably not the most cost effective way but just throwing renting a car out there.

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    747 Rider Guru
     6 months ago

    Honestly not sure what the best option is. Getting two ubers sounds like a hassle but if you are up for an adventure maybe it's worth it. If it were me I'd probably just pay the premium for a taxi service.