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Gig Economy options for moving, pick-up and Delivery. Uber vs. Lyft vs. Dolly vs. Phlatbed

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94 Rider Driver
 Posted 10 months, 1 week ago

One of a series of new videos from Phlatbed.

Picking a service that moves your newly bought chair into your apartment is a headache. All the apps on your phone don't actually help when it comes to squeezing half a couch into someone else's car. All except this one: #Phlatbed connects you to local pre-screened drivers who can help you with pick-up and delivery on-demand. Move what you want, where you want, for how much you want! 🚙 

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Deliver your items using the free Phlatbed app. It's like Uber for moving and deliveries. Pre-screened drivers with trucks in your area ready to move your item.

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    52 Rider
     10 months ago


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    1075 Rider Driver
     10 months ago

    Why even mention Uber and Lyft?  They're not moving companies, and the drivers aren't insured to transport goods like that.  

    Further, why not even mention renting a truck from U Haul and moving it yourself?

    Just more gig economy marketing propaganda.

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      OP 94 Rider Driver
       10 months ago

      You'll be surprised at how many people actually think Uber and Lyft will also help them with pickups and delivery. You should check out their forums. Many XL drivers flout this rule...

      U-Haul is not a moving company, they are a commercial vehicle rental company. Not propaganda....