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How does Surge Pricing or Prime Time work on UberPool or Lyft Line? (The carpooling options)

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 Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

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How do surges apply when there are multiple passengers?

What if another party came from a busy location which incurred a surge?  Do other passengers, say those who get on later, get dinged with surge also?

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    2004 Rider
     1 year ago

    What about when Passenger A gets on with surge 2x, then Passenger B gets on subsequently.  Then Passenger A gets off first.   Then Passenger C gets on.  Would the Passenger C be dinged with surge pricing?

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      1201 Driver Rider Guru
       1 year ago

      For Lyft, you get to keep the Passenger A's PrimeTime for the entire duration.  With that said,  am not sure if Lyft's algorith is sophisticated enough (or LyftLine busy enough?) to handle a cascading scenario like that.

      For Uber, it will be the average.  An easy way to remember is that, from the perspective of a driver, until all the passengers are dropped off, a ride is not completed.  Therefore, the pricing is calculated only once at the end.

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    OP 147
     1 year ago

    This does not seem fair at all.