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I am not a clairvoyant!!! To the Riders, if you want to get picked up.

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 Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

One day this week... 4 riders put in the wrong addresses that were at least 2-4 blocks away.    At least  5 other riders just stood on the curb listless as I passed by... even after making eye contact, they did NOTHING to indicate they were waiting to be picked up.   Seriously?  How am I supposed to know they are the ones being picked up?  Why don't MOST people just wave, nod... blink!  Something???  

OK, someone got in the wrong car and got killed which is horrific, but

They have the make, model, and color of car, My plate number which is now also in the front windshield, and my PICTURE!!!!   All I have to go by is a name,  which at times is fake... and a phone number, which often goes unanswered or is not set up.  

I really do not want to invite disaster by saying the rider's name to everyone...  inviting confusion... there is always someone who will just say yes even if it is not them and then try to get in the car.

I do not wish to blow this out of proportion or overreact... but for crying out loud... Use your head!  

When there is a total lack of concern or desire to communicate clearly... it is just awful.  Some get a pass due to a lack of technical abilities... etc.   (i.e.. older people who have never had a "smart" phone.)  Call it a pet peeve, but these others are agents of chaos and often I cannot help but find them beneath contempt and I hate feeling that way... it disgusts me.


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    205 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    😂 Seriously. They think we are mind readers.

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    524 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    It drives me nuts when they just stand there looking at their phone when you pull up. It's like... throw me a bone here!