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Introducing Greenback. Automate Your Uber/Lyft Receipts!

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 Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

Hi Everyone! 

I wanted to tell you about Greenback. A powerful, new app that automates Uber/Lyft receipts! 

The secret is that you don't have to do anything but signup. Greenback will capture original, detailed Uber and Lyft receipts for you and sync them to Quickbooks, Xero, Excel, Google Sheets and more. Greenback can automate your accounting by matching transactions, auto-completing fields, and attaching the pdfs for you. Eliminates manual data entry and saves the frequent traveler a lot of time getting reimbursed. Track business expenses all in one place on your dashboard. Never misplace a receipt for improved tax compliance. Access on the go. There's no app to download. And there's even a Free Forever plan available.

-Sandra Bach, Technical Writer at Greenback, Inc.

Check out the Free Trial at Greenback.com


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     3 years ago

    UPDATE: For Lyft receipts, since their website changed, you can't get them automatically fetched. But you can automatically forward your emailed receipts from Lyft to your Greenback Mailbox and easily convert them into expense transactions. Then just export them to your QuickBooks Online account.

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     5 years ago

    How does this work with Uber and Lyft receipts that are in my email?  Does it scan through my email and put them inside QuickBooks?

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       5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

      Hi RMaddox!

      Oh you have a good question. I thought that too. But no. The app imports the original receipts straight from Uber and Lyft. Your permission allows them access to capture your receipt data for you. Greenback does not have access to your inbox or emails. If you also connect an accounting platform like Quickbooks or Xero then you can sync your receipt data (and a pdf will be automatically attached to the transaction) too. Greenback has intelligent syncs so it automatically matches transactions for you, creates new ones, auto-populates fields, prevents duplicates and more. It is really cool seeing all of my receipts in my dashboard and then the data gets filled in in my Quickbooks account with basically no manual data entry. I connected Spirit and Delta too. 

      Here's more on how to automate your business expenses like rideshare receipts. 5 Reasons Why You Need Automated Receipts