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Is a Support Animals allowed?

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 Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

My friend sent Uber driver to pick me & my support animal, ( my dog ). As I approached the drivers vehicle he rolled down his window and gave me a hard time. He spoke to me in a very nasty tone saying is that a support animal, do you have paper saying so. I replied yes I do in my wallet that was in my backpack. He then said fine get in car and hold your dog on your lap. I got in back seat holding my dog in my lap in which my dog is very well trained and has never caused any problems on buses,vehicles,with Lyft and other Uber drivers. He stated my $39000 car is important to me. I replied my dog is priceless knowing where this was going. He threatened me and my dog that he was going to kick us out on the freeway,told me stop talking to my friend that called me and witnessed his abuse. He stated that I had fake Dr's, who probably just printed out fake papers on my dog, fake dr's,therapist,phyciatrist, plus putting Lyft that yes they're good company if they want less pay! As we pulled up to security to open gate inside this community telling to security look at her face! I am disabled on disability through SSI. We pulled up to my friends house in a nice community. I got my dog to my friend to hold while I grab my backpack and got out of his vehicle. This driver got out of his car walking around car as if he was going to hurt me. Security witnessed him and began coming up to him and he jumped in his car slowly turned around and stopped in front of us just sitting there trying to aggravate me even more. Security was walking up to his vehicle and he drove out of gate real fast. I got it all on my Audio Recording app.

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