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Is it true that some small cars (i.e. "subcompact") can be denied by Lyft despite them being four-doors and meeting all requirements?

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 Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

There are vehicle requirements, I get it that, but I am now hearing that with Lyft, you can be denied for your car being too small and are considered as "subcompact." Isn't this a huge frickin' deal as I go shopping for a vehicle?

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     1 month ago

    This is a big deal for new drivers and it needs to be advertised well.  Also true for anyone who currently drives who may be looking to buy a new car

    Can you imagine buying a car to drive for Lyft and you find out afterwards that you cannot drive it?!  I shudder to think there could be people who get stuck in that situation!

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    361 Driver Driver
     1 month ago

    Totally understandable, right? There's an expectation among the passengers.  When I order a regular Lyft, I'd expect a sedan to show up with some space for luggage.  Say an ability to go to the airport with more than a carry-on.  If a Mini Cooper shows up, I'd be dead in the water. (and driver too)

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      22 Rider
       1 month ago

      Are you really a taxi driver? just curious.

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       1 month ago

      Yes, but most people think, "I have a four-door so I am good to drive for Lyft/Uber." so this is sort of a big deal.

      They should make LyftMini service.  I am sure there is a market for it out there.