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     1 year ago in  Why is Uber better than a Taxi?

    I am gonna jump in here and defend taxis. Why I take taxis?

    • Taxi drivers get the street cred.  They  know the roads. They know how to avoid traffic, and they know all the tricks.  They won't get lost on the way to you, and if a route needs to be changed, I can rely on him.  UberX drivers?  They proudly admit they don't know neighborhoods, and are completely reliant on their GPS.  Very offputting.
    • Taxi drivers are more trustworthy.  They aren't random strangers.  If you believe and trust the background policies released by Uber, you are naive.  They are just feeding you fluff that don't mean anything.  Anyone can be a driver.  Even psychos.  There are lots of first-timers out there  Yes, "anyone can be a driver", and that's their tagline, for godsakes!  Taxi drivers?  They drive for a living.  They wouldn't do crap to risk their livelihood.  They are in it for the long-haul.
    • Scheduling reliability. This may depend on the city you reside, but if you want to schedule a ride for an early morning pickup or something scheduled, taxi drivers are the best!  You can arrange something with a specific driver or ask the company/dispatch to set it up.  You'd think they aren't paying attention but they are!  Hell of a lot better than Uber which just triggers a request and it isn't even guaranteed.