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What is Lyft's Airplane Mode cheat?!!

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 Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

I didn't even know such cheat existed.  What is this trick that I Lyft is supposedly cracking down on?


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     5 years ago

    Tried.  Absolutely didn't work.  The record is there and it looks like my accentance rate was hit.

    Not even sure how this would work.  Maybe people were killing the app before it could be recorded?  So it was just a software fix.  or was this like some leniency for those drivers that happen to have a bad signal?

    Anyway, it doesn't work.  Did I not kill it fast enough?

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    2 Rider Driver
     5 years ago

    Awesome tip! Hate shared riders!! Absolutely hate Hate!!! 

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     5 years ago

    as a passenger at least this makes sense for me, not that i have a bad driver rating but sometimes i request shared rides to save money. i notice how sometimes itll say a driver is 5 mins away, but once they finally get a driver to accept it says 16 mins away... 

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    36 Rider
     5 years ago

    Is it really a cheat if Lyft is aware of this and still penalizes drivers for doing it?

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    12 Rider
     5 years ago

    I knew it.  I knew Lyft drivers were just as bad as Uber drivers.  I am not quite sure what this is, but I assume it's about cancelling on riders or cherry picking rides.

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       5 years ago

      They "airplane mode cheat" was a way for drivers to decline rides without Lyft destroying their acceptance rate. 

      If I'm on  the road and a passenger requests a ride, I look at what type of ride it is, (shared rides are automatically rejected) then I look at the riders rating.  If their rating is good I accept the ride.  If their rating is bad, I can either take a chance picking up a potentially bad rider, or I can reject it and have Lyft pwnalize me by making me ineligible for unreasonably unattainable power driver "bonuses" and making me ineligible for their rental car program.  (I own my own vehicles, so that doesn't affect me) 

      If you were a driver and Lyft tried to force you to take a "bad" passenger, should you be allowed to decline?  If you answred yes, you, too, would probably receive that message on occassion. 

      Just as passengers demand certain minimum standards of us, we also demand certain minimum standards for those we choose to allow in our vehicles.  (For me, no shared rides, minimum 4.7 rider rating)  No conspiracy here.

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       5 years ago


      If for example a driver just dropped off a passenger. Now is good time to turn both Uber and Lyft appswhile waiting for the next fare.

      For example a ride request came through on lyft (like a shared ride with a pick up 15 minutes away), many drivers will choose to ignore such request and let it expire in hopes of anohter request coming in shortly after for an Uber X or a Lyft with only 2 minute drive for the passenger.

      I get similar nastygrams from Lyft occasionally, but all they can do is complain. We are contractors and are in this gig to make money not charity work to drive 15 minutes to get to the passenegr, wait for that passenger anohter 5 minutes and then drive them a mile away for a $3.75 total pay.

      If we were full time employees for these services I understand we would have to chase every ping, but until than both Uber and Lyft can go pound sand and we drivers will choose what rides we want to take and which ones to ignore :)