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  • The car you get with UberXL, can be a numbr of different cars, so there's always a chance you get a smaller SUV. So watch out for that.

    and the problem here is that the driver doesn't have to pick up big cargo items.  and they hate it when you have big items that needs to be loaded.  It can take time in loading and it can damage their cars.  They will definitely not like it. (I wouldn't.)

    I would request a UberXL, and immediately call the driver to see if he is willing to do so.  By some luck, you would get one that doesn't mind and will do the task for you.  Make sure to mention upront that you would tip handsomely.  (Don't wait until it's over and offer.  Just offer upfront.)

  • Not sure if this is a formal movement, but I have heard vocal groups of rideshare drivers discussing this.  

    At high level, they are against the illusion of transparency and flexible work schedule that Uber promotes. They feel that as independent workers, they should be able to see the rides they are accepting and decide where to work and what riders to pick up.

    They also feel unfair where the riders can see a lot about them but the drivers cannot. For example, riders can see the gender and race of the drivers, but the drivers cannot. If riders can discriminate why can't the drivers?

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     3 months ago in  Diamond Nerf

    I stopped paying attention to any types of driver promotions and incentives. Lyft started this trend earlier and Uber  is all over it now. 

    It’s an obvious attempt to confuse the drivers so they don’t really know how much they’re making. They will do this to make us work harder while making less money.