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Is paying ~$250/week for car rentals to drive Uber worth it?

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 Posted 1 year, 5 months ago


The title question is pretty much self-explanatory. I do not have a car and planning to be a Uber driver. But I am not sure if it is worth paying $1000 a month for car rentals worth it.

I am not completely new to this. Last time I did this few yaers abck I made about $3000-$4000 and "lost" $1000 just for rentals and eventually had to quit as I found rental fee + gas + minor maintenance etc to not help me. (Of course I still have to pay $3000 for rent and food and bills). I also had bad experience with Hertz.

Anyone has any experience of long term of renewing car rentals, paying fees whilst still managing to balance a sustainable income life? Please share your experiences.

Since I need a job, I might save up $300 for the first rental payment and then go from there. Also, do you think once I start driving long term I might as well get my own 'cheap' car (if not new (if new not sure how can I afford it)).

Thanks. Looking forward to input from crowd intellgience.


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     1 year ago

    Does the car rental place have any charges for the miles put on the car? Or is it a flat $250 per week no matter what?

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     1 year ago

    I think a lot of this question depends on where you are based! Let us know and we can help further!

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     1 year ago

    Hi! If you are in a big city and the gas for the car is not bad you should be able to make decent money, I would say you should be able to clear a thousand a week working 50 - 60 hours.  Of course, that is if you don’t get any speeding or parking tickets ! Be careful and be nice - you will do fine! Good Luck!