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Is Uber stealing fares from drivers?

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 Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

I have had multiple issues with Uber Eats where I completed deliveries but the fare does not show up in my earning.   Of course I report it and basically get the run around.  

Is this happening to other drivers?


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     1 year ago  (edited 1 year ago)

    Uber just stole from me again. This time for $36! I checked my Earnings last night and this morning. Both times the balance was the same. Just checked again and now I'm missing $36 plus change. I called Uber support which was useless as the agent says he doesn't see any change in my earnings. Yet, you can bet your @ss there is a change. So, Uber is stealing from drivers and there's nothing we can do about it? 

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     1 year ago

    yes hapoened to me twice, what thieves, what low lives, they making so much money doing nothing, scambangs stealing from us working so hard, low pay and too much expenses!