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I've been trying for 2 days to make appt. with your Lyft services for an appt. withHand and stone massage parlor at 3:30 Aug.3 !!!

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 Posted 11 months, 3 weeks ago

You arethe hardest people toget a hold with!!!Terrible customer service!! I was in a terrible car accident last Sun July 25 and my car ws totaled-leaving me without transportation for 21/2 weeks...Please pick me up at 3:30 today.  I signed up yesterday for commenity bank car card and was aArepproved...but they asked me for the acc't # and how am I suspose to know the #  when it was just approved yesterday????Can you pick me up at 1055 summitville Dr.Wester N.Y. at 3:30?  I  sure hope so!!!Please call me on my cellphone at 585-485-1913 because I will be at Physical therapy from 2:00-3:00 today Monday Augus 3rd...Thanks,Barbara Sproule;;!!!


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     11 months ago

    There is Cov 19 and violent protests so the risk is greater then the reward . Good luck to you.

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     11 months ago


    I'm sorry you are having such trouble. Ride Guru does not book rides. You need to do that via your Lyft app, provided you have it installed.

    Please reply here if you get stuck. We are happy to help guide you.