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Long ride question

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1 Driver
 Posted 6 months, 1 week ago

I need a ride from buffalo ny to Pittsburgh pa in a few weeks.

I’m wondering if drivers are likely to say no to a ride that long? For instance if they come to get me they won’t want to do a 3.5 hour ride.

Would scheduling in advance on Uber/Lyft help?

Any suggestions would be great thanks! 


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    1016 Rider Guru
     6 months ago

    I would recommend scheduling in advance and be prepared for some drivers to turn you down, however, long journeys can be lucrative for drivers so I bet someone will come along who will be willing to take you! Uber let's drivers know within the app if it is going to be a long ride so you shouldn't have to deal with drivers accepting the ride and then arriving and canceling when they find out the length of the trip. I would also recommend scheduling or ordering the ride a fair amount before you actually need it, just in case it takes a while for someone to accept!