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advanced reservation with Uber

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 Posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Can I schedule a ride in advance with Uber in St. Louis.

I need a ride to the airport tomorrow at 3 am


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     3 years ago

    This thread has links to how-to docs for Uber and Lyft


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     3 years ago

    Download the Uber app, then see if that option is available in metro St Louis.  If not, that should be an available option with Lyft.  

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     3 years ago

    In some markets you can (I am told) although it no longer appears on the passenger app for Uber in our area.  With Lyft, you are still able to schedule in most markets, but allow me to explain something most passengers don't understand.

    When you schedule a trip, the app simply sends out a request for a driver in advance of your pick up time.  It is also available to drivers to accept in advance, but if they're busy at the time it will default to another available driver.  

    My point being, if there are no drivers available, you still won't have a ride waiting for you.  However, St Louis is a busy market so I can't imagine, unless you're deep in the suburbs, that a car won't be available to pick you up at 3AM.