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Lyft: Not Disruptive Enough

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1975 Rider
 Posted 2 weeks ago

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    1040 Rider Driver
     1 week ago

    Uber is losing their shirts and more globally to competition lime DIDI, OLA, BOLT etc. Lyft is happy for now to stick to the domestic market and steal market share from Uber which they have done well so far. That's why they're in a race to the bottom. Rideshare is just not a profitable business, it won't be unless rides are priced correctly for the likes of U/L and the drivers

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    284 Driver Driver
     1 week ago

    I guess compared to Uber, sure. but we all knew that, right?

    They have always been the more cautious cousin of Uber.  It beats me why they are hugely in debt and no profits in the forecast (just like Uber).