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Mask Madness

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 Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

The Governor in Nevada lifted the mask mandate in our state. In my area I have delivered quite a few times for Jack in the Box. When the mandates were lifted, I stopped wearing my mask to go inside and pick up the food for my orders. This wasn’t a problem until yesterday. 

I went into the lobby as usual, only this time one of the employees stepped up to the counter and pulled down their mask all the way under his chin and let go of it, leaned toward me and asked, “Do you have a mask?”

Me, “No.” 

Him, “You need to wear a mask.” 

I looked at him a little perplexed, “You’re not wearing a mask to talk to me right now.” 

He grabbed his mask and pulled it up to cover his mouth, leaving it just below his nose, “Yes, I am.” 

I smiled and shook my head and exited the restaurant. 

I’m not trying to start a “mask or no mask” war on here. When I drop off food to customers and it says “hand to me” then I put on a mask out of respect before walking up to their door. Oh, and the same day, when doing this with my mask on, a person answered their door with a mask on and a baby wipe in their hand which they used to take the bag from me. I just think it’s sad to see the strangle-hold this past year or so has had on our country and people in general. 

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