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Moved is now "Financing" you move? Is this even possible?

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52 Rider
 Posted 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Moved.com is now offering a "Move now pay later" option.... I do not know any human being who will "Finance" their move. Anyone see any sense in this? Why not just use Phlatbed or Dolly or one of the Uber / Lyft for moving apps out there? Or better still just call a moving company?

Just makes no sense.....


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    32 Driver
     8 months ago

    "Move now. Pay Later" is what they say. That is pretty odd. but I can see how to some people it can be helpful.  The one-time cost for a move can be several thousand dollars/

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     8 months ago

    30% APR?  Why not just get a real moving company and put it on a credit card.  This is just marketing tactics. No one in the right mind will use it.