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new driver for lyfr

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 Posted 1 year, 11 months ago

I completed follow direction and instruction to pickup through drop off a request on lyft app.  And later found out it was canceled so i get 2 dollars bonus paid instead of 6$ to 9 $ estimate. I tried to get help with lyft team member what did i do wrong bc im just a new driver. 5 of them didnt know that when a request ride is cancel.driver could not longer see or recieve direction on app.they also mention about my fare go to the other new driver .but how could the new driver get paid more than i do without passenger.very confusing about the whole thing


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     1 year ago

    So you gave someone a ride but it was marked as cancelled ride? Or you never actually gave the ride. TBH, I would just take the loss (I know it sucks), it's only $4-6 bucks and not worth the headache for dealing with Lyft