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New Scam hitting Uber drivers

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203 Driver
 Posted 4 years, 7 months ago

Drivers and riders are used to various scams on the Uber platform but this one is hitting new drivers particularly hard. Apparently the scam has hit thousands of ride-hail drivers, and millions of dollars have been diverted from their accounts to con-artists who act as an Uber representative.

Long story short, do not give out your Uber credentials (password, authentication code) to anyone! Seems obvious, but apparently not...



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    23 Rider
     4 years ago

    Im sorry but to give your PW and then the authentication code that uber sends to your phone to a random stranger is just dumb. These scams are good - weed out the dumb drivers.

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     4 years ago

    poor uber drivers. can't get a break.

    thes crooks targetting already starving drivers who make less than minimum wage.

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    49 Rider
     4 years ago

    Interesting that they are targeting Uber drivers and not Lyft drivers. Lyft did say they now start every phone call from them with an automated message so if you do not hear that message the call is fake.

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     4 years ago

    and of course Uber is not doing anything to help drivers out. Even just a warning of this scam to all drivers would be helpful.

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      148 Rider
       4 years ago

      Independent contractors.  Drivers don't want to be told what to do