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What's the lifespan of these e-scooters (i.e. Bird, Lime, Lyft scooters)? How long do they last? Not long apparently

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 Posted 6 months, 4 weeks ago

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Have you ever wondered how long these scooters by Bird, Lime, Lyft all last, considering all the abuse they get?  Apparently not long at all.

I initially heard these rugged scooters will stay on the streets for over 10 months, but this articles says 3 months:

E-scooter company Bird, one of several companies with fleets of scooters deployed around the Washington, D.C. region, said when it first hit the streets two years ago, the consumer-grade scooters it was using lasted three months, at best, because of the abuse and constant use the e-scooters were getting.