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Uber and Lyft drivers STRIKE in Connecticut

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 Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Crap, I already missed this,  huh.  We (Uber drivers) had a strike?  Anyone know it was effective?

(WTNH) - A strike against popular destination-driving companies Uber and Lyft is being coordinated by the very drivers that work for them for Friday morning across Connecticut

Uber and Lft drivers were holding signs and chanting outside of Union Station in New Haven.

The workers said, "You take all the money. We are all working like a slave. They charge the customer so much money and pay us so little money."

Some Uber and Lyft drivers are striking on one of the busiest travel days. Employees for the ride share programs say while fares for customers haven't changed, from them it has. 

Moses Dahn said, "We feel like they are cheating us and we drive our vehicle we use mileage not time . You want to pay us on time it's ok but pay us on the mileage." About 50 frustrated workers in New Haven took the day off but there are still drivers out there who are not on strike. 

One man said, "UIber take 25 percent off the rate you are not supposed to take 25 percent off the rate. That's not business. that's not being a partner." Hector Rivas added, "Uber pay me 13.90 cents and they take 14 dollars." They are demanding new fares and driver benefits. Dahn added, "Pay us on the mileage. Pay us good on the mileage because the mileage tells you how much your car is worth." Lyft sent us this statement: "We strive to ensure drivers can maximize their earnings and are committed to helping them succeed." Kaelan Richards, Senior Manager of Policy and Safety at Lyft.

Videos at the link:



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     4 years ago

    I wish some city would do it and actually get all the drivers to stop driving for the day. New Years Eve would be an awesome time. Most difficult would be if everyone didn't drive you turn app on and see city surged $40/$50. Most drivers wouldn't pass that up and out they would go. On nights that I don't drive I'll turn app on just to see what's going on. Of course I get pissed because good surges are out there. I now try not to even look on my nights off.

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     4 years ago

    LOL these strikes are never effective. You need almost EVERYONE to be on board with no one cracking for incentives or surges. On top of that you need to ensure that new drivers won't just come and start driving during your strike. 

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     4 years ago  (edited 4 years ago)

    I think you answered your own question. You didn't even know about it.  Neither did I. I am sure they barely made a dent. There are like 100,000 rides A DAY.

    Uber and Lyft averaged 96,000 rides a day in Boston in 2017: Report ...