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Uber CEO's "Face Punch" Moment - Umm, this was a surprise to you? The gender discrimination? [Fortune]

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 Posted 10 months ago

I feel mocked by Dara's response to this.  He always seems to have the perfect answer (all sripted, I am sure), but I feel like he slipped up on this one.

I kept thinking the jury was out about the impression of this guy, but I think I am in the camp of him being evil.

"Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi helped kick-off Fortune’s Brain Storm TECH yesterday with some candid talk.

Sometimes it takes a punch in the face to see things clearly. This was one of the moments for me,” he said. He was referring to the breaking news that Uber is facing a federal investigation over alleged gender discrimination. During an all-hands employee meeting earlier the same day, he told the crowd that his first plan was to complain that the news had once again leaked. But he decided to listen instead.“This was a rough week, but it was incredibly motivating.”


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