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Teens using mom's account. Throws a tantrum. Punches Uber driver's face and pours soda on her. [ABC6]

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 Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Weren't we discussing this on this forum where minors were taking Ubers?

This minor attempts to use her mother's account.  When the driver rightfully refuses, "They got a friend to come out to the car and say he was 18 years old, but they were still trying to use the mother’s account. When Boone refused a second time, she said the man punched her in the face and threw soda at her."

"Uber says in order to create an account a person must be 18 years old and if someone is caught violating those terms their account will be removed. They’ve also instructed drivers to be on the lookout for teens who may be sneaking out and make sure to report those rides to the proper authorities."



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     5 years ago

    I feel like this isn't a new problem.  It's like an age-old minors pretending to be older thing.

    The punching thing?  Pretty messed up.  but taht's also an age-old "teenage punks disrepecting the service personnel" thing.