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Uber driver who shot passengers claims it was self-defense.

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 Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

The Uber drivers sister is speaking out and here is what she has to say

“On that very night during what he thought was going to be a routine Uber ride, Mike was attacked by his passenger. In fear of his life he swerved his car, struggling to get the man to stop. Mike crashed into a wall and the man continued to beat Mike in the head,” wrote Kilisha Beasley of Aurora on her Facebook page. “Mike fired off 10 rounds in fear for his life.”

These situations are so hard, sadly the victim cannot tell his side of the story.



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     5 years ago

    Well what else is he going to say? I shot the guy for no reason at all? I mean obviously he is going to claim self defense!

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     5 years ago

    Do we know what this guys record is like?