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An Uber Driver who fatally shot a drunk passenger was just found NOT guilty

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 Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

I am all for driver safety and would hate to think of this guy in a scary position but I don't know something just doesn't rub me the right way here. I feel like there is way more to this story than this Uber driver is telling. I mean he had no serious injuries but said he feared for his life? Also he had already driven with this guy for 70 miles!



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    8198 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    I agree Albert. If you had time to get out of the car walk around to the window and fire 10 shots you had time to get out call the police while holding him at gunpoint. If he got out of the car and came after you then fire. I have a permit to carry. Last thing I want to do is kill someone. If I was in a situation with no way out then yes and am going to shoot. This guy exited his car  why not run off and call the police? 10 shots seriously??? 

    I think driver changed destination. Rider woke up seen he was nowhere near home and went off on the driver. These stories on the internet give no details or very few. They spell words incorrectly:) Although this one had no spelling errors. Sometimes they look like a 7 yr old wrote them. I assume they have to be short but  I feel like most of these stories leave out important details. I always have lots of questions after reading them. There is many unanswered questions.