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Uber Eats, etc. and Insurance

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 Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

I don't know what the setup is in other jurisdictions, but in Toronto the insurance provided by Uber does NOT cover Uber Eats. If you read the polict carefully you will see it applies to ride sharing only.

I checked and no insurance company will provide insurance for Uber Eats at a reasonable cost. The comment I got from one was that delivering food means you need to get it there hot, which means you are driving too fast to be safe.

So my question is, how many of you are driving for Uber Eats without insurance, and what will you do if you were to get in an accident?  I'll point out that the insurance companies are now onto ride sharing and food delivery realities and ask some hard questions. Plus they have access through a warrant to the app data.

This year, at renewal, there were a lot more questions from my insurance companies regarding whether I drove for ride share or food delivery. I'm pretty sure that is the insurance companies setting themselves up to be able to deny coverage.

Your thoughts?


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     1 year ago

    Its John from SpotnRides.
    Many people preferred to choose UberEats clone app for food ordering because of its user friendly interfaces.

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     4 years ago

    I never realized this, I don't drive for Uber Eats though, just uberx. I don't understand why they would not cover food delivery drivers. "driving faster" is a BS answer. Maybe because you have to illegally park or park in dangerous situations sometimes to drop the food off? What about dominoes pizza delvierers? Are they insured through dominoes?