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Uber & Lyft price rides to rip the passengers and the drivers off!

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 Posted 1 month, 1 week ago

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We just got the dreaded penny surge in Los Angeles, Lyft had their useless PPZ for a few months in action. This may be their way to profitability, take a look at the screenshots below. This is a 30 mile ride from LAX that lasted less than an hour where the pax are 0charged ripping surge and PT and the driver gets paid peanuts, drivers were paid $42 on Uber including the bonus and $32 on Lyft with no bonus. U/L take rate on this ride 60-70%, I thought it was the other way around.


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     1 month ago

    At 42% commission on their end  has been keeping us broke and broken . They figured out that most drivers are not good in math