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Uber - Time is Soon - ready to go back to taxis yet?

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 Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

I feel like we reaching that point and have been for a long time. We all tried to like something and worked hard to make the transition, but this whole thing is overcomplicated and all the arrangement we made are starting to backfire. Maybe it's time we reverted back to taxis or just decide already the winner between taxis and Uber and moved on.  Let me share my experience.

I landed at Logan Airport the other day. I called for an Uber as I walked inside the terminal thinking I am all that.  I stepped out into the cold and saw all these taxis just sitting in the queue. I walked by them, and continued to walk alongside the building. Immediately, I felt this to be unnatural. So many airports have designated Uber pickup areas and they are always so much further away. 

Then I got to the uncovered area where we are supposed to wait for the Uber. I saw people crowding, wandering about, sitting on their suitcases. I ended up waiting 20 minutes to get my car, where the driver said it's really busy.

I see so much irony and inefficiencies in this. First of all, why do we have two pickup areas for taxis and Uber? Is this a failure of the lawmakers? How stupid is that I had to walk by numerous taxis and walk in the cold to get to the makeshift area? This airport has very limited real estate to begin with.  I know we all love Uber and its app (and price), but this isn't working.

I think we are close to reaching the critical point where people will revert back to taxis. Why are people still using Uber at airports? It’s because of the cheaper price. But that’s about to change...because guess what. My app quoted me $40 but later revised it to $70. I don't even wawnt to know how much it would have been for a taxi..


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     3 days ago

    I used to choose Uber over taxis because generally the cars were nicer. However, after my last few Uber rides in some seriously ghetto-mobiles, I may have to re-assess my judgements of taxis. Seems they will just let any box with wheels on Uber these days.