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unable to schedule Uber in advance - why?

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 Posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Hi - I don't have the little car/clock icon showing up by Where To, so am unable to schedule a ride in advance for tomorrow. I just updated my app, still no luck. I live in the Boston metropolitan area (Watertown). What's up? Thanks.


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    1296 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    Updating the app won’t do, try to uninstall and install the app, that may work. If it doesn’t, it’s probably an app glitch, Uber will fix it.

    Do you know that they rip you off on scheduled rides on both Uber and Lyft? Probably charge you 25% more than if you requested the ride when ready to go? Lyft’s scheduled rides work better in the pax app.

    You say you’re in a metropolitan area, there will be plenty of drivers around to pick you up unless it’s between 3-5 am even then you should be able to get a ride in less than 15 minutes.