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What do they not tell you about being a Uber/Lyft driver?

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4084 Rider Driver
 Posted 2 years, 8 months ago

What they don’t tell you…

Well for one thing, that I would have a constant crick in my neck from trying to get comfortable sleeping in my car. Dang that automotive engineer that designed those seat belts so they won’t lay down flat and poke you in the lower ribs and stomach. Tip take a thick fluffy towel. Roll it up and drape it around your neck for a comfortable car pillow.

They didn’t tell me I would depreciate my car 150,000 miles worth. But I got 54.5 cents per mile Safe Harbor Rate from the IRS as a tax deduction. Of course you can only claim as much percentage wise as the actual business use of the vehicle. Keeping your automotives clean and up to snuff ain’t cheap. But clean or as good it might run, you can’t get back those miles.

They didn’t tell me how truly ugly the face of the public is. Riders make accusations to scam free ridership. Riders try to game the app to cheat you out of your fair pay. Riders hate on you cause you the last person on earth they saw. Riders can snap. Friendly one moment, seething the next.  Crime, drugs, violations of humanity, all pass through these portals.

They didn’t tell me about the long hours (the $25 days) it would take for me to “figure it out”. I did.

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    1069 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    Uber and Lyft sold me on the belief that I would be making more than I really do.  I was mislead by the claim that "we only take 20%" while they took much, much bigger cuts.  The rideshare companies lied in calling me a partner, whilee treating me like a criminal and not even willing to give me basic professional support. 

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      OP 4084 Rider Driver
       2 years ago

      Uber support is dismal. It is a hoax on the drivers of whom 99.99% are hard working, dedicated individuals. Trying to make it in America. Uber would rather spend money on AI and driverless cars than a healthy workforce. Uber is for Uber. If you are of no further value or more trouble than you are worth, you are milk toast.