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Uber/lyft car accident

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 Posted 2 years, 2 months ago


My question is about lyft wage reimbursement from insurance company. I was using my friends car for doing lyft. My name was in his insurance but we didn’t inform insurance company that we are using it for rideshare company. Last week my car totalled ( i was not working while accident happen) and i have 0 falt at accident. Oposide side and my insurance is same both of us insured by Gaico. My question is if i asked to oposite side to cover my earning during that perdiod because I didn’t have car and rental car cant be used in lyft. Is it gone be problem for me. Is it possibe that gaico can say that we don’t even cover your tottaled car because you didn’t inform us even i dont have falt at accident. Or its just better to not say anything and any wage reimbursement.