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23% say Rideshares have allowed them to lead a better life.

Posted by: RideGuru Oct 11, 2018
Updated Oct 09, 2018


What is the impact of rideshares on our society?

Rideshares are changing lives. And they are changing lives for the better. In a recent study, we polled over 1,000 rideshare users to gain further insight into how our society uses and views on-demand transportation. One main takeaway we found was that riders in general view ridesharing very fondly. In fact, 23% of respondents claim that ridesharing allows them to lead better lives.

When we break this statement down further we find that the top reasons ridesharing is making our society happier is that people feel they are more social (24%) and have an increase in productivity (23%). In fact, perhaps we all should be campaigning for our bosses to pay our rideshare tab as 13% of you stated that without ridesharing you would be late for work a lot more!

Take a look at the below infographic to see why riders choose to rideshare.

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