The more you earn, the more you rideshare! [Infographic]

Posted by: RideGuru Oct 03, 2018
Updated Oct 03, 2018


How often do people take rideshares?

Income level and ridesharing, how our incomes affect our rideshare use.

This fall we completed the largest rider rideshare survey ever compiled. Through our fans responses we have gained further insight into how our society uses and views on-demand transportation.

One major takeaway we found, was that as a community, we LOVE rideshares. According to our survey respondents 35% of people take rideshares at least once per week. On top of that 68% of people see themselves riding even more in the future.

Not only are people taking rideshares on a regular basis but the more money you earn the more frequently you will use a rideshare service.

For a more complete breakdown of rideshare frequency and rideshare use in corrolation with income level, view the below infographic.

Check back weekly for more insight into our top survey takeaways!

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