Live in Florida? Now You Can Hail an Uber Through a Phone Call!

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Feb 24, 2020


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Uber has just released a new, unique feature geared towards the baby boomers. Throughout the state of Florida, customers can now call a phone number to request a ride instead of hailing one through the app.

While the service was created and intended for older users of the popular ridesharing app, anyone can dial the new number to request a ride. Simply call 833-USE-UBER and you’ll be automatically connected with a human. The operator will ask for a few details, such as where you are located and where you would like to go, and then will confirm your trip and provide a price quote for the ride. Certain follow up details, including the driver’s name and arrival time, will then be sent to you via text.

Uber is anticipating that this new feature will greatly help Floridians with vision problems or those that do not feel as comfortable with technology. The implementation of a phone number hailing system was based off of feedback that Uber received from older adults who expressed the importance for being able to have live conversations when booking a vehicle.

How To Call Uber and Order A Ride:

  1. Dial 833-USE-UBER (or 873-8237) to connect to an Uber representative
  2. The representative will ask a few questions based on your needs and then will confirm your trip request and provide an upfront price quote. Be prepared to choose from UberX, Uber Comfort, or Uber Black when you schedule your ride
  3. Once the request is submitted you will receive follow up text messages with important details such as your drivers name, license plate, arrival time, and receipt at the end of your ride. Please note that you will need an SMS or text-based mobile phone to receive these messages from Uber.

There is no extra charge for using this phone service, but text message and data rates may apply depending on your mobile provider and plan.

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