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Now You Don’t Even Need to Own a Car to Work for Uber (ZipCar!)

Posted by: RideGuru Dec 28, 2017


Ever wanted to work for Uber, but have a car that doesn’t meet the requirements – or maybe you don’t own a car at all?  Rest assured, the rideshare giant has a solution to the problem.

Uber has recently partnered with Zipcar – the hourly car-sharing company – to help expand their driver base beyond the pool of people who already own their vehicles.  Allowing non-car owners to rent cars through the Zipcar program lowers the barrier for perspective Uber drivers to test out the service and determine if it is something they would be interested in continuing, as opposed to having to make a larger investment in a vehicle before beginning work as a driver. 

This new program for perspective drivers seems to be an extremely attractive option for those potential new Uber drivers who have been interested in working part time (or even full time), but haven’t had the start-up capital to purchase a car, or were to risk averse to begin the program with their own vehicle.  Not only this, but for only $5 an hour on a weekday (or $6 on the weekends) Uber will cover the vehicle cost from Zipcar, as well as gas and insurance.  For all that the new program covers, some current drivers may even think about converting from using their own vehicle to the Zipcar rental service given that it is all inclusive and hassle free!

According to the Zipcar website, “Current or prospective Uber drivers can now reserve a Zipcar by the hour for the times they want to drive and vehicles are located in dedicated parking spaces. Drivers simply pick-up and bring back the vehicle to a dedicated parking space when they are done.”  The program is debuting in Boston, MA currently but likely will expand quickly if successful.

Lyft has a simlar rental car program called Express Drive, find out more here!

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