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Seven New Companies Join RideGuru

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 04, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


New rideshare companies are being invented daily and many of these companies have unique twists such as a booking a ride solely for children or a company that specializes in airport transportation. We are determined to include all of these niche rideshares on our RideGuru Fare Comparison Calculator to give our riders as many options as possible when booking their ride. This past week we added 7 new companies to our ranks. Take a look below to learn about each new company.


Based in San Francisco, Wingz is a pre-scheduled ride service that started out primarily offering airport transportation but has since evolved into offering "around-town" rides as well. Wingz also states that they cater to Senior Citizens by working with care facilities to help provide scheduled, personalized rides for Seniors. Wingz also lets you choose a favorite driver for future trips so you know in advance who you will be riding with. As all Wingz rides are pre-scheduled, you will always know the cost before you ride. Wingz in currently only available in the various cities in the US.


Arro connects passengers who need a ride with a traditional taxi cab through the Arro smartphone app. Their local partners (taxi companies) set the fares, so prices will vary depending on location. Arro technology is directly integrated into the cabs to make it easier for drivers to accept rider requests without having to fumble for their smartphones. When your taxi ride is over your payment will be taken directly through the Arro app so you do not need to carry cash! Arro is currently available in NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Houston.


Bridj is a shuttle bus service based in Boston, Massachusetts. Through the Bridj app passengers can request a seat on a shuttle bus along with other passengers heading in the same direction. To find a seat on a Bridj bus you will need to open your Bridj app, drop the two location pins (starting and ending locations for your trip), and then select the Bridj trip route that best meets your needs. This may require that you walk a block or two to your tailored Bridj pick up location where you will meet other passengers who will be sharing your shuttle bus. Bridj prices range from $2 to $6 per ride. You can book your Bridj either right when you need it or days in advance. Bridj is currently only available in Boston and Kansas City.


SocialDrv is a rideshare company currently servicing Northern California that specializes in pre-scheduled airport and cruise terminal rides. One major benefit of SocialDrv is that they offer a variety of ways to book a ride. Users can book via app, website, email, or phone allowing for easy access to rides when traveling. When you schedule your ride with SocialDrv you will get an upfront price so you always know the fare before you ride. SocialDrv is currently providing airport rides for: San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), Oakland (OAK), Sacramento (SMF), Los Angeles (LAX), Orange County (SNA), Burbank (BUR), and Long Beach (LGB) Airports.


Created by three Moms, who value safety above all else, HopSkipDrive provides an easy, child-friendly rideshare service. From unique driver requirements that include 5+ years childcare experience to a comprehensive 15 point driver certification process, and even live tracking of your child’s ride, HopSkipDrive tries its best to make sure you feel comfortable allowing your child to ride with their drivers. A neat feature that HopSkipDrive promotes is the use of passwords between the kids and drivers to help insure that the kids are never getting into the wrong car. HopSkipDrive is available in Los Angeles, Orange County, the Bay Area, and San Jose.


Zemcar is a rideshare service that specializes in giving rides children and senior citizens. All drivers are taken through intense security and background checks and must meet for an in person interview and provide multiple references. Zemcars are heavily monitored with live video feeds. This allows parents to watch their child’s ride in real time or request that the Zemcar monitoring team watch the child. In addition, the monitoring team tracks the entire ride to make sure the driver stays on route. If he/she doesn’t, the team calls the driver to make sure everything is OK. Finally, parents can build their own team of drivers and place them in their “circle of trust”, this ensures that any time a senior family member or child needs to be picked up, a driver that the family knows and likes will be sent. Zemcar is available in Boston.


Zum is primarily a rideshare service for kids, but their differentiating factor is that they allow parents to order babysitting services as well. If you would like you can add on extra features such as babysitting or having the driver stay with your child at their activity for an extra cost. As with other child rideshare services, Zum has stringent background and safety checks, claiming that only 1 out of every 5 driver applicants pass their process. Zum is available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To read about the other rideshare companies that we support check out our Rideshares Worldwide page.

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