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Rideshare Services for Children

Posted by: RideGuru Team 1 year, 2 months ago


Would you trust your kids to travel in a rideshare alone?

Hailing an Uber or Lyft when you are in a hurry or want to avoid an impending rainstorm has become a habit for many urbanites. The ease of hailing a car with the push of a button, has changed the transportation industry and city life will never be quite the same. Uber and Lyft aim to make your life easy. Need a car that can fit 6 of your friends, done. Hailing a ride that will impress your client, Uber black is on it. It seems as though between these two companies, most any transportation option is at your fingertips, except for one… a child friendly service.

Uber and Lyft both have explicit rules about not allowing children under the age of 18 in their vehicles without a guardian present. While there are plenty of legitimate reasons for not allowing children to travel unsupervised in a rideshare, some parents are finding that a child friendly rideshare service would solve a lot of their daily commuting woes, especially when you are a parent of multiple children who are all engaged in various activities.

One company, saw this market void, and developed a special rideshare service specifically designed for children. The company’s name was Shuddle, and they took extra precautions when hiring drivers to make sure they were child friendly and extremely safe. Unfortunately for Shuddle, the company was never able to get off the ground. However, since their demise, multiple other companies trying to become the token rideshare service for kids have taken their spot.

The verdict is still out for many families on whether or not they would truly feel comfortable letting their child get in a car with a stranger, but for those of you who feel the benefits outweigh the risks, take a look at the list of companies below who strive to make sure there is a safe and convenient ride available for children.



Available in Los Angeles, Orange County, the Bay Area, and San Jose. Created by three Moms, who value safety above all us, HopSkipDrive provides an easy, child-friendly service. From unique driver requirements that include 5+ years childcare experience to a comprehensive 15 point driver certification process, and even live tracking of your child’s ride, HopSkipDrive tries its best to make sure you feel comfortable allowing your child to ride with their drivers. A neat feature that HopSkipDrive promotes is the use of passwords between the kids and drivers to help insure that the kids are never getting into the wrong car.


Kid’s Lyft

Available in Charles County, MD, Prince Georges County, MD, Montgomery County, MD, Howard County, MD, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. Kid’s Lyft is a small company started by a mother who saw an opportunity. Kid’s Lyft is exactly what it sounds like, a Lyft service specifically designed for kids. Drivers must go through comprehensive background and safety tests as well as always wear their uniform and outfit their car with the Kid’s Lyft symbol. Kid’s Lyft does allow parents to request personal drivers, if you become comfortable with one person.



Available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zum is not only a rideshare service for kids, it is also a babysitting service as well. If you would like you can add on extra features such as babysitting or having the driver stay with your child at their activity for an extra cost. As with other child Rideshare services, Zum has stringent background and safety checks, claiming that only 1 out of 5 driver applicants pass their process. With Zum, you can view your driver and their profile up to 12 hours before the ride, adding that extra safety precaution for parents.


Pogo Rides

The Pogo app is still in its testing phase but it is essentially a platform for parents to meet up with other parents and form carpooling circles for shuttling their children to and from activities. Instead of hiring and paying for a child friendly car service, Pogo Rides simply connects you with other parents in your area to help reduce the amount of cars on the road.


Kid’s Kruiser

Available in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kid’s Kruiser is small kid oriented rideshare company, that specializes in transporting your children to and from activities. Like other rideshare services for kids, Kid’s Kruiser upholds safety to a very high degree to insure their drivers are top notch.


Zem Car

Available in Boston. ZemCar is not only a rideshare service for kids but it also specializes in giving rides to senior citizens. All drivers are taken through intense security and background checks and must meet for and in person interview and provide multiple references. ZemCars are heavily monitored with live video feeds. This allows parents to watch their child’s ride in real time or request that the ZemCar monitoring team watch the child. In addition, the monitoring team tracks the entire ride to make sure the driver stays on route. If he/she doesn’t, the team calls the driver to make sure everything is OK. Finally, parents can build their own team of drivers and place them in their “circle of trust”, this ensures that any time a senior family member or child needs to be picked up, a driver that the family knows and likes will be sent.

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