The Most Useful Apps for Rideshare Drivers

Posted by: Sergio Avedian Oct 04, 2019
Updated Oct 05, 2020


In this article, I am going to share with you the most popular free and subscription based apps for drivers. On the previous weeks articles I tried to explain how to be a more profitable driver by deploying strategies  by deploying strategies in your own city. Here are some of the apps I have personally used and some I am currently testing.

Mastering efficiency is key to maximizing rideshare profits. Rideshare drives often lose efficiency in two main areas: time management and money management. However, improving time and money management while ridesharing can be challenging especially if a driver has fallen into a routine that is easy to maintain and hard to change. Fortunately, there are apps for Uber and Lyft drivers designed to help them master the management side of the business. And don’t worry, they are easy to use and utilize.

Navigation Apps for Uber Drivers:

Although Uber offers their own navigation tool set in the driver app, I am still partial to using Google Maps or Waze. I think they are more accurate indicators of ETAs.The number one way a rideshare driver can maximize their time behind the wheel is with proper navigation. The best way to do so is to memorize every street and the fastest routes, the more practical approach is to have a good navigation app. The right navigation app can help drivers avoid traffic jams, construction, and other obstacles that can slow you down.

Waze (Free)


Known as “the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app”, Waze is a free app designed to make drivers more efficient. The app is comprised of real-time and up-to-the-minute road conditions sourced from people on the road. Fellow drivers maintain the app by reporting useful data such as where accidents, police, and road hazards are. Plus, Waze is always adding new features that could help you reach your weekly earning goals. Needless to say, these perks combined with the low, low price of free make Waze an ideal navigation app. Waze was bought out by Google a couple of years ago.


Google Maps (Free)


 If Waze isn’t your ideal app, there is a more traditional GPS map you can use. Google Maps is always reliable and readily available to use on most smartphones. This app can show you a variety of routes to take and let you decide which one is the best based on estimated time of arrival.


Mileage Tracking Apps:

Keeping track of the distance you travel goes beyond the factor of how much Uber is paying you for each mile covered. Every mile you drive racks up an additional multiplier in the background from the United States government. To benefit from this per mile pay, drivers must record distance traveled throughout the year. On average, in 2019 a deduction of $0.58 per mile can be included when filing your taxes. Many drivers have reported receiving a healthy tax return using the per mile deduction. It is easy to see why a mileage tracking app is a must-have. Here are a few to get you started.



MileIQ is a very good mileage tracking app. One of the defining differences is that MileIQ offers users a weekly generated report. These detailed descriptions are customizable and may be organized in any way users see fit.

MileIQ automates mileage logging, creating an automatic, accurate record of the miles you drive. No more hit and miss mileage logs. Accurate records mean more mileage deductions for you and less stress all year long. One-swipe classification lets you to designate which drives are business and which are personal. When it comes to your mileage reimbursement, or claiming every mileage tax deduction, it’s as easy as swiping your finger across the screen. Get serious about mileage tracking with personalization features that let you add purposes, custom location and work hours so that MileIQ can automatically classify drives based on your unique schedule and needs. Use one-tap on your mobile device to get a report of your current drive information or a snapshot of multiple drives. Specify dates, locations, events and more. For more detailed reports, use your desktop dashboard. MileIQ is available on all your mobile devices. Plus, our desktop dashboard allows you to print or download organized, accurate records of your drives. Print reports by date, month, year or by your pre-designated categories.

There are several other mileage trackers in the app store and available on either Android or IOS or both such as Stride Tax, Stride Drive, Triplog and Hurdlr. 

Finance Apps For Drivers:

Rideshare drivers are essentially self-employed freelancers. Which means all expenses should be tracked just like any other business. Practicing this policy throughout the year is a fantastic way to maximize your tax deductions and avoid an IRS audit when tax time comes. To make the expense tracking a bit easier, try out any of the following apps.


Wave is a great accounting software that is sure to save you money at tax filing time. It condenses all your expenses in a comprehensive manner and ready for your accountant.

QuickBooks Self-Employed ($10/month)

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks is the go-to option for businesses around the world. The software has become so popular there is even a slimmed down version dubbed QuickBooks Self-Employed. This lighter version of Quickbooks is designed for mobile users filing as self-employed. There is a monthly subscription fee, so keep reading for our suggestion for a free Quickbooks alternative.



Providing excellent customer service for your passengers increases the odds of receiving tips. One of the easiest ways to make the inside of your cabin a comfortable, tip worthy environment is by playing good music. Fabulous tunes can aid a passenger with developing a positive, upbeat mood that can scare away any feelings of annoyance due to traffic.

Plus, bands, songs, and concert stories are a great way to strike up a conversation. Trading stories or music passions in this manner with passengers can potentially transform a would be 3-star rating to a 5-star rating. Be sure to buy a long enough cord that can reach the backseat and equip your ride with any of the following apps.


Spotify (Free, $9.99/month for premium)

When it comes to streaming music, Spotify is king. Users can create their own playlist, find new tunes based on past music preferences, and listen to brand new tracks as soon as they’re released. They even have pre-generated song collections designed to compliment you or your passenger’s current mood.


Pandora (Free with ads, $3.99/month without ads)

One of the beautiful things about traditional radio is being able to simply turn it on and listen to music without having to fiddle with it. Unless, of course, a commercial comes on and you need to change the channel. Pandora successfully delivers this type of experience, but with more variety. Users can select favorite songs or simply put in a song name to get Pandora to serve up groovy tunes that match the beat of your preferred drum. Interested parties can use Pandora for free with ads mixed in or go ad-free by paying $3.99 a month.


Soundcloud (Free with ads, $9.99/month for premium)

For underground music that hasn’t become mainstream enough to hit Spotify yet, check out Soundcloud. This music playground is where artists go to show off what they are made of. Soundcloud is also a popular place for artists to host live sets. Live sets are a great way to listen to an hour or more of music without interruption. Equip your rideshare business with Soundcloud for free with ads or download Soundcloud GO to play music ad-free for $9.99 a month.


Gas Discount Apps for Uber Drivers:

Gas Buddy

With gas being so expensive these days it is easy to see why the golden liquid has become a central concern for drivers everywhere. It is without a doubt the biggest expense for in the business of rideshare. Fortunately, there are ways for drivers to grab a few gallons at the lowest price available in their city. This budget management skill can even be used without having to travel all over town comparing gas prices. Like Waze, Gas Buddy is another crowd-sourced information app. Gas prices from gas stations, groceries, and supercenters are frequently uploaded to the Gas Buddy database by users. From there, the app figures out which locations are offering the lowest price per gallon for any fuel type. Users can easily find the cheapest gas prices near them, making the app an essential for rideshare drivers.


Get Upside

Get Upside is a mobile app helping consumers earn real cash back on daily purchases across verticals like fuel, restaurant, grocery, and c-store. With over 10,000 merchants and millions of users across the nation, GetUpside connects businesses to people, enabling all to thrive. Users can earn up to 25¢/gal on gas, 35% cash back at restaurants, and 15% cash back on groceries.

Make Switching between Uber and Lyft Easy, all information at your fingertips:

Most rideshare drivers utilize both Uber & Lyft to maximize their profits but sometimes it could be difficult to pay attention to the road and use a cell phone, it could be outright dangerous. There are apps to make life easier for the driver and automate switching between two apps. Surge Chaser, Mystro, Farepilot, Sherpashare come to mind.

But for me as far as driver friendliness and information to maximize profits, Gridwise is on top.


Roadside Assistance Apps:

If you drive full-time, you are eventually going to hit a bump in the road. The following roadside assistance apps make handling these ordeals a bit less stressful when they do occur.

Honk (Free)

Honk offers drivers 24/7 roadside assistance. Members can expect help within 15-30 minutes to assist with common road issues, such as a flat tire. In the event that something a bit more drastic is required, Honk provides towing services as well. There are no membership fees, however, there are packages available starting at $49.

Flat tire, out of gas, dead battery, locked keys in car or stuck in a ditch? HONK simplifies roadside assistance and towing, no membership required. Pay only when you order service, and get help from a nationwide network of more than 45,000 trucks for fast, professional service 24 hours a day.


Urgently (Free)

Dubbed the “Uber of roadside assistance,”  Urgently provides drivers with useful services, such as lock-out assistance and fuel assistance. The app is free to download and offers flat-rate, upfront pricing with no membership requirement or annual charges.

After enrolling, call the dedicated Urgently Membership phone number to request service. Urgently’s Customer Service team will validate your enrollment using your name, vehicle information, and unique membership number. Urgently will digitally pinpoint your location and locate nearby and available roadside assistance and towing professionals. The platform matches you to qualified service providers based on location, your vehicle, and the reason for disablement. Once your service request is received, you’ll get a text message from Urgently with a link to track the progress of your service. You can watch the service provider live on the map and receive updates on their estimated time of arrival. You can also contact the driver directly for the most efficient communication possible. When the service provider arrives at your location, they’ll verify your mechanical disablement and provide the roadside service your vehicle required.



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