How to Order Lyft Through Amazon Fire or Alexa

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Oct 03, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Order Lyft with Alexa

Did you know you can order a Lyft through your Amazon Fire Tablet or by using Alexa? Well, you can. 

Amazon Fire Tablets can do a lot of things, including order your next Lyft ride. If your tablet is a 2013 or newer model, you’ll be good to go, just follow these directions. First, through the Amazon Appstore, download the Lyft app. If you already have a Lyft account, just log in. If you are new to Lyft, create an account. Then, enter your cell phone number, and you’ll receive a text with a code to verify it’s really you; enter that code. Enable your location. If you notice the pin is in the wrong spot, you can move it to where it should be or enter your address so the pickup location is accurate. Enter your destination location. Make sure you’re choosing the payment option you want. Finally, click "Request Lyft"! You’ll be matched with a driver, who will pick you up, and you’re on your way! All push notifications will be sent to your cell phone instead of your Amazon Fire Tablet, so it’s important to keep an eye on you phone for your ride. Everything is synced with your phone, so you don’t have to worry. Currently, driver modes are not available on Amazon Fire tablets. 

You can also ask Alexa to book a ride for you. Before you can do that, you will need to do a few things in the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app, and click on Skills. Set a home address and a work address. You can go to Amazon’s Help Center if you need more details. In the Alexa companion app, link your Lyft account by clicking Link Account and accept all permissions. Then, you are ready to ride. Using voice commands you can say "Alexa, ask Lyft to open the skill set. Alexa, ask Lyft to call a ride" is the standard way of calling a ride to go home. To go to work, all you need to say is, “Alexa, ask Lyft to call a Line to work.” You can find out when your ride is arriving by saying, "Alexa, ask Lyft where my ride is.” Wondering how much a ride to work will cost you? Ask,  "Alexa, ask Lyft how much a ride to work will cost." Have you gotten home and want to give your driver a five star review, just say, "Alexa, tell Lyft my driver was great." Or if you want to leave them a tip, "Alexa, ask Lyft to tip my driver ___ dollars." If you’re looking for an XL, just say, "Alexa, ask Lyft how far the nearest Plus is." If you want to know how long a shared ride will take you to get to work just say, "Alexa, ask Lyft how long a Line to work will take."

It seems Alexa can do just about anything, so let her book your next Lyft ride. Or use your Amazon Fire Tablet to book a ride.

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