Top Things to do this Valentine's Day

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Feb 14, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Happy Valentine's Day from the team at RideGuru! We wanted to share with you each of our favorite things to do on Valentine's day to help you decide on those last minute plans and spread the love!

1. Galentines Day celebration!

Spend the day having a galentines celebration with your closest girl friends. Kind of like a potluck dinner, gather at someone's house to eat a delicious meal and celebrate friendships. Definitely get an Uber ride there, because Galentines day is a reason to celebrate!

Felicia - Guru In Training

2. Splurge on UberBlack to an old-fashioned spot

Spend the night taking an UberBlack, Uber's premier car service, to get to a fun location, such as an old fashioned movie theater (shout out to Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline)! What better way to spend the night than to take a nice car ride to a cool old-fashioned theatre for a movie!

Bekah - Graphics Guru

3. Go on an adventure!

A romantic way to celebrate Valentine's day is to go on a date to the ice skating rink, or visit a cool location such as an ice castle! The winter season is so pretty and can be the perfect opportunity to get a cute photo opportunity and have a fun adventure!

Lilly - BizOps Guru

4. Visit a beer or wine tour

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a fun beer or wine tasting tour! This can be a great bonding activity with your significant other, or even with a group of close friends. You can't go wrong with this activity on any day of the year, especially Valentine's day.

Chris - Tech Guru

5. Cooking class

One of the most fun date night activities is going to a cooking class, like Sur la table! You have the chance to make your own meal and eat it with your partner!

Ippei - Boss Guru

Wherever you go this Valentine's day, we hope you have fun! Don't forget to check for prices to compare all of your rideshare options at RideGuru!

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