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How bad will the surge be on St. Patrick's Day?

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 Posted 2 months ago

New Uber user here. How is surge on a holiday where the name of the game is consuming beers.  Is it a surge galore? 


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    1453 Rider Driver
     2 months ago

    It tends to vary by area and market in general.  In Cleveland, OH it's a strong day morning and evening and spotty during the day.  Warning:  Be SURE to have barf bags in your car.  A lot of folks that rarely drink party on St Patty's Day and puke on their way home!  Be prepared!

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      81 Rider Driver
       2 months ago

      Ugh GREEN PUKE! I think I will pass on driving this Sunday...

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    6964 Rider Driver
     1 month ago

    It depends on tour area and how many drivers are out. If you are planning on going out in a normally busy area good possibility it will surge. If you know what time you are ending your night you may want to schedule your Uber 60 minutes in advance (I suggest 75 min in advance if possible. Just to be on safe side). Uber will not hit you with surge pricing if scheduled more than an hour in advance. 

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     2 months ago

    I've gone out the past few st patricks day and there is always a small surge around the downtown area of Boston. Im sure you will see some uptick but it is probably not like new years eve.

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    260 Driver
     2 months ago

    In most communities, it's quite a disappointment for the drivers.  In other words, no crazy surges on St. Patrick's day.

    Do you know why? There is no set time where everyone travels.  People are drinking all day, and they all leave at different times.  Probably some increased activities Saturday night due to events but I've been disappointed in the past.