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Will the Need for Rideshare Drivers Disappear?

Posted by: felicia in Rideshare Knowledge 3 days, 8 hours ago

In the midst of rideshare driver strikes across the country due to low wages and unfair employment status’; Lyft’s head of operations Jon McNeill has a message for drivers. He compared rideshare drivers today to telephone switchboard workers in the past. You know, those people who would sit in operating rooms and physically connect long-distance phone calls. 

Soon, McNeill said, rideshare drivers may not be necessary at all if autonomous vehicles become the norm. This suggests that it would be wise for drivers to find other ways to make themselves part of the process – a part that won’t ...

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Uber Released Their IPO Price, Rideshare Drivers Strike, and more top news

Posted by: felicia in Rideshare Knowledge 1 week, 1 day ago

Uber just released their IPO price at $45 a share, which adds up to an $82 billion valuation. This number is on the low end of what the company was expected to IPO at, which indicates that the company is trying to be cautious in their pricing. Don’t be fooled – this is still a huge deal, being one of the largest IPOs of all time.

The company ended their first day on the stock market 8% lower than their initial listing price of $42. This may lead to more challenges for the company, as they have yet to return ...

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Uber is Shutting Down On-Demand Deliveries (UberRUSH)

Posted by: felicia 1 year, 1 month ago

Uber announced that they will be shutting down their on-demand package delivery service, UberRUSH. The shutdown will happen in late June of this year in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago. 

UberRUSH is Uber’s service where people can request deliveries for items they want delivered. The service was used by both individual customers and companies. 

Until June, Uber will be cutting down on the number of deliveries they make before completely shutting down the program. Uber states that they are using what they learned in UberRUSH to help make their other on-demand delivery services like UberEATS the best ...

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Uber Introduces Express Pool Carpooling Service!

Posted by: felicia in Rideshare Knowledge 1 year, 2 months ago

uber express pool

Uber released its first new product in three years last week. It’s something that none of us were expecting, but all of us will appreciate: Express Pool.

UberX is Uber’s standard service that serves up to 4 people. UberPool is the more affordable version where you can ride with 1 or 2 passengers, and share the ride with others going to similar destinations. Express Pool is even cheaper than UberPool.

What is Express Pool?

It’s a carpooling service, similar to UberPool, that you can request through the Uber app. The catch is that passengers will be asked ...

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How to Save Money Using Uber & Lyft: Frequent Rider Programs and Commuter Passes

Posted by: felicia 1 year, 2 months ago

uber lyft rewards programs

Are you someone who uses rideshares often? If only there was a way to reward passengers for using services like Uber and Lyft frequently…

Rideshare companies are trying many new programs to reward frequent riders. These programs are still new and are currently being rolled out in limited cities in the United States.

1) Frequent Rider Programs

Uber and Lyft have both experimented with frequent rider programs, where you are rewarded with free trips or ride credits.  We are not aware of any of these being offered consistently, but here are a few links: TechCrunch Article ...

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