Uber Eats and DeliverZero: A Sustainable Partnership Redefining Food Delivery Packaging

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 26, 2024
Updated Mar 30, 2024


Image Credit: Uber.com


When Uber announced its expansive commitment to sustainability, extending it to its Delivery business worldwide, it became clear that addressing restaurant packaging waste required a collaborative effort. Tackling this issue involves navigating various challenges, from supply chain complexities to localized concerns about composting and recycling infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of community involvement and innovative solutions, Uber Eats has embarked on partnerships with packaging providers across the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Among these partnerships, DeliverZero stands out as a pioneer in the realm of reusable packaging solutions for food delivery and takeout. With a network of returnable, reusable food containers, DeliverZero simplifies the process for merchants and platforms like Uber Eats to offer customers environmentally friendly packaging options. This collaboration empowers consumers to participate actively in reducing packaging waste while enjoying their favorite meals.

The success of the Uber Eats and DeliverZero partnership is evident in its impact. Since its launch less than a year ago in New York City, this initiative has prevented over 11,000 single-use containers from ending up in landfills. The environmental benefits extend further, with an estimated reduction of approximately 1,810 kg of greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 6,000 gallons of water usage.

Here’s how consumers can participate:

  1. Search and Select: When placing an Uber Eats order in select cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area, look for "DeliverZero" or the DeliverZero reusable packaging banner to find participating restaurants.

  2. Add Request: While placing your order, add the option "Use DeliverZero containers, please" to your cart before checkout. Pricing typically averages around $1.00, varying by merchant.

  3. Receive and Return: Your order will be delivered in reusable, returnable packaging by the courier. After enjoying your meal, you have the option to return the packaging to the original restaurant or any participating DeliverZero establishment. Alternatively, you can schedule a pickup by a DeliverZero partnered courier.

The partnership between Uber Eats and DeliverZero continues to expand its reach. Presently, over 20 Los Angeles restaurants have joined the initiative, with ongoing efforts to onboard more establishments across the country. Uber's account management teams actively support interested restaurants, providing incentives and guidance to explore sustainable packaging options.

To encourage participation and celebrate Earth Day, all DeliverZero packaging through Uber Eats will be free to use from this week until April 22nd, wherever available.

Join us in making a difference by embracing sustainable practices in food delivery. Together, we can reduce packaging waste and contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come.

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