Uber's NEW Rider Rating (and how it works!)

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 12, 2024


Image Credit: Uber.com


In an effort to encourage riders to adopt a low-emissions lifestyle, Uber has recently introduced their Emission Savings feature in the Uber app! Now, riders worldwide can now monitor and understand their carbon emissions impact more effectively, starting today.

This new feature, akin to the popularized rider ratings promoting respectful behavior during Uber rides, aims to both acknowledge user impact and advocate for eco-friendlier choices.

With the Emission Savings feature, users can:

Furthermore, Uber extends the Emission Savings feature to their new teen account holders, recognizing the environmental concerns of Gen Alpha and Gen Z. In select cities across the US & Canada, Uber launches Uber Green and Uber Comfort Electric options for teen riders, providing them with a platform to contribute to environmental preservation.

Looking forward, Uber plans to broaden the emission savings calculation scope, encompassing all-electric autonomous rides, UberX Share trips, and rides on e-bikes and e-scooters booked via the Uber app.

Emphasizing its commitment to becoming a zero-emissions mobility platform, Uber views today's launch as a crucial step in informing riders about their emissions savings and the positive impact they impart on their communities.

Uber's vision for the future of transportation underscores electrification, sharing, autonomy, and occasional car-free journeys. The company expresses gratitude to riders for their contribution to a greener future through their choices.

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    207 Driver
     1 month ago

    I drive a hybrid.  sounds like uber is trying to bully us into buying EV's.  Frankly, I do not have 4 hrs a day to charge up.  Uber pays SHITE as it is, some trips paying $13 an hour before expenses.  Not going to spend another 2 for charging and washing the car... not making money.

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     1 month ago

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     2 weeks ago

    Hybrids are what I own.  Uber seems to be pressuring us to purchase electric vehicles.  I really don't have four hours every day to plug in and recharge.  With some trips paying $13 per hour before expenditures, Uber pays its drivers a shitload.  

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