Uber's Path to Zero Emissions

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 12, 2023
Updated Jan 12, 2023


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Rideshare companies have been pursuing zero-emissions for a few years now, battling back and forth to be the first fully “zero-emissions mobility platform”. Recently, Lyft released new incentives to help drivers make the switch to EV’s and yesterday, Uber shared an update on their zero-emissions progress.

The following takeaways are from Uber’s 2022 Climate Assessment and Performance Report:

Along with these updates, Uber also shared a few new products to help continue their zero-emissions momentum. Now, Uber drivers can track their own emissions through the app and may even start to see some dividends through a newly released policy.

On Uber’s Newsroom they state, “While we have much more work to do to get to zero-emissions, our 2022 report shows we’re on our way. Getting there won’t be easy and we can’t do it alone. Climate is a team sport and we’re in it together. We look forward to working with policymakers, climate experts, EV industry leaders and many others to meaningfully reduce the environmental impact of trips taken on our app and help create healthier, more liveable urban environments.”

Are you thinking of switching to an EV? Check out how Uber can help you make the jump!

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