What is 'Lyft Cash'?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 03, 2023
Updated Jan 03, 2023


Lyft Cash is an alternative way for riders to pay for Lyft rides rather than placing a credit card on file within the app. The Lyft Cash feature lets users add money as often as needed to their Lyft accounts to pay for rides. You can even use the Lyft cash feature to add cash to you Lyft app through various storefronts! Find out more below.

Setting up Lyft Cash

Before using Lyft Cash you will have to set this feature up as your preferred payment method within your app by navigating to “Payments” and choosing “Lyft Cash” as your preferred payment method. You can change this at any time. Lyft even gives the choice to choose your payment method every time you book a ride, allowing you to alternate between payment methods as often as you want!

Adding Lyft Cash in-app

You can add Lyft Cash to your account or set up automatic refills. Setting up 'Auto refill' will add cash to your account when your balance falls below $15.

To add Lyft Cash in the Lyft app:

  1. Open the app menu and tap 'Payment'.
  2. Tap ‘+ Add cash' and Select the amount you want to add.
  3. 'Auto refill' is turned on by default. Tap the slider to turn it off if you don't want your balance to refill automatically.
  4. Tap ‘Check out’.
  5. Select the payment method you want to use to add Lyft Cash. If you want to use a new payment method, go back to the ‘Payment’ tab and tap ‘+ Add payment method’ under ‘Payment methods.’
  6. Tap ‘Purchase’.

While you can add Lyft cash via a credit/debit card, bank account, prepaid card, or Lyft gift card, you can also add “real hard cash” to your account via the below steps!

Adding Cash to Lyft Cash

  1. Go to ‘Payment’ in the menu
  2. Tap ‘Add cash’ in the Lyft Cash section
  3. Tap ‘In-store’
  4. Tap ‘Find a store’
  5. Select a store from the map and tap on ‘Show ID number’ or ‘See barcode’
  6. Make your way to the store and follow the signs posted for loading cash
  7. Show the cashier your ID number or barcode and let them know how much cash you’d like to load

To confirm your cash load was added to your Lyft Cash balance, return to the ‘Wallet’ tab. You should see your balance in the Lyft Cash section. Please note that there is a minimum of $30 for each cash load transaction and a maximum of $300.

FAQ’s on Lyft Cash

What if I don’t have enough money in Lyft Cash to cover my ride?

Your default payment method (aka your credit card) will be charged if your Lyft Cash balance doesn’t cover the full cost of a ride. 


Does using Lyft Cash affect my business profile?

Turning on Lyft Cash on your personal profile won’t affect the default payment method on your business profile.


Can Lyft Cash be used for anything a Credit Card can be used for?

No, Lyft Cash can’t be used for certain fees such as lost & found fees, damage fees, and gift cards purchases.


Lyft Cash is currently only available in select markets in the United States.

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