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TikToker tries to prove that Uber increases prices if phone battery is low

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 Posted 1 year, 12 months ago

I believe this!! Who else has noticed this??

"In a TikTok posted on Wednesday, TikToker Tony Aubé (@tony.aube) claims that Uber charges customers more when their phones have low battery. Aubé demonstrates that he checked the price of a ride on a phone with a low battery and found that the price was 20% higher than the price on a phone with a full battery."



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     1 year ago

    We talk about these conspiracy theories, but you know Uber is a big company and there are thousands of developers of which a good portion turns over on a regular basis. I am sure some developers would have blown the whistle for such practice.

    So, this is just another clickbait news article. All fake. We all fell for it, and this tiktoker is getting all the buzz.

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     1 year ago

    “There is zero personal data used in setting fares.”

    Whether the battery level is "personal data" aside, I highly doubt Uber doesn't use ANY personal information to set the fare. 

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     1 year ago

    Can app developers even retrieve the battery level? Is that part of the development kit? Why would an app ever need that information? This sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. 

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     1 year ago

    Just hail a taxi people, none of these stupid gimmicks or tricks, just a cheap car with a plastic barrier and a ticking meter.

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     1 year ago

    It wouldn't be the worst thing Uber has done...

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     1 year ago

    I also think they raise prices if you request rides a lot, like they know you depend on them. My trip into the city has gone up steadily over the years.

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