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Philly Uber Riders, look for Driver Ed and Carpool Karaoke

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2878 Rider Driver
 Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Has anyone ever had ride from Driver Ed in Philadelphia? A young guy drives for Uber in Philadelphia he plays an instrumental version of some well known songs. Catch is he provides no words. Passengers sing along and if they dont know the words they are encouraged to make them up. With their permission he post the video.  Good Day Philadelphia tv show hosts took a ride with him and tried to sing a few songs. It's a good thing they dont need to sing for a living lol. Some riders are drunk some are not but they all look like they are having some fun. If your in Philly look for Driver Ed if you want to be discovered or at very least have a good time on your Uber trip. He has a you tube channel called Driver Ed. Just thought I would share. 

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